Wheatgrass Juice vs Wheat Grass Juice

Is there a Difference between them?

Absolutely! Wheatgrass is a road side grass native to Oregon, it is never juiced, nor would you want it to be!
Wheat Grass Juice is the juice extracted from the blades of grass, the early growing/seedling stage of the cereal grain Wheat.  Since 1984, Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int’l. has organically grown wheat on our own compost to produce VerdeGrass our trademarked, hand crafted in WI the full year around, fresh-frozen integrity……Wheat Grass Juice!
What does Mike from CA say to all of us? “Excellent Product”
Watch out for sites that say they sell you Wheatgrass juice!   You want Wheat Grass Juice and nothing but the Best – VerdeGrass Brand from us at Hawkhaven Greenhouse.
We are on your side, offering you aide to gain a healthy life style, live a longer vital life.
If you have comments for us, please Post them….Good health to you my friends!  Capt. Tim, Master Organic Grower

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