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A home brewer from the Oshkosh, WI brew club, said this to me last weekend 08/19/17:

“Tim, I was going to put those Cryogenic Cascades you gave me last fall into my current brew at the end for aroma……I opened the package stuck my nose in the mylar pouch and said, WOW, these smell awesome, just what I want from hops…so into the boil it was!

Want more proof? Organic + Cryogenic packaging & storage, makes the difference!          Who doesn’t want great tasting beer?

As you can read: Home Brewer Approved


HopBarn Cascades created an awesome Red Ale for me!”  DJ, Central WI, Fall 2015

“I’ve yet to drink any beer made with HopBarn Hops that wasn’t awesome!”  Timmy, Amherst WI, Oct. 2014

As our master grower & home brewer says of all things created here, “Ahhhh, to live for….”  Capt. Tim

All the time

It is time to think about “Wet Hopping” a beer!

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Cascade & Nugget Hops

“Absolutely NO use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or petro-chemical fertilizers, ever!”

Cascade for tropical, citrus flavors and IPA’s – Nugget for hearty, earthy Ales, Lagers, and Porters.

We want the best ingredients for all of our recipes; be it wine, beer or chili.  Hand harvested at their peak nutrition &

key Lupulin content, grown upon the same soil as our VerdeGrass.

Our Hops are picked & stored frozen, then flaked while frozen, then packaged.  This removes the Lupulin gland (with no bittering agent or esential oil loss) and floret leaves from the stem, put into a Mylar pouch with an Oxygen Absorber pack, air suctioned and sealed.


Brew Shop – Commercial Pellets:  $3.50/oz (28g)

time & mileage to the store…


 HopBarn – “Cryogenic” Organic Flaked Hops:  $2.00/30g. pouch

to your door – need you more?

Cascade      IMG_0084

Alpha Analytics LLC October 10, 2016 Certified & Tested for Home Brewing Priority Mail Shipping
Home Brew – Value
Alpha Acid Beta Acid Hop Storage Index
% Degradation @ 6 months
Cascade Hops 4.0% 6.3%
23.7% @ 68 F 
9.4% @ <32 F
Nugget Hops 11.8% 4.6%  24.4% @ 68 F
9.8% @ <32 F


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