“Having used Capt. Tim’s Wheat Grass Juice for well over 10 yrs. now fighting the big fight…. I have been up to 8 servings per day….the fight is still on and VerdeGrass keeps me well fueled, tuned and alive.”  8/8/2016 Brother D., Milwaukee, WI


VerdeGrass – Wheat Grass “Excellent Product”

“I purchased your grass a few months ago but didn’t get to it until now, due to some other frozen grass I had to consume first.  Now that I started taking yours I am amazed at the excellent taste and the high powered results.  Very much energy, reduced appetite, just excellent stuff.  By far the best grass I’ve ever had fresh or frozen!  Wow, I can taste the richness of your soil! Will get more when i run low…doing two cups a day.  Thanks for making a great product.”
06/21/2016  Mike, San Maros, CA


“The juice is fantastic and at a very good price.  Am now out – need more and haven’t felt the same without it!”  
11/08/2015  Allie, Short Hills, NJ


“Having had Lyme’s Disease for quite sometime my blood counts were very low and so living near to Hawkhaven Greenhouse, I started using daily VerdeGrass.  It has been 3 months and my hematocrit is back to normal.  I am a life-longVerdeGrass drinker now.  I feel great!”
10/11/2015  Tanya, Ripon, WI


VerdeGrass arrived yesterday, no problem with FedEx.  Your juice is delicious, I love it!  And your music is nice and relaxing.  Many thanks!”
08/27/2015  Vica, New York, NY


“Hands down the best Wheatgrass available!”
05/06/2015  Joseph, St. Louis, MO  (Long Time Customer)


“Can’t wait for my juice :).  Since I started taking VerdeGrass I’ve only been sick once and that didn’t last long – totally credit the juice.  Me and my baby thank you!”
06/30/2014  KVL, Chevy Chase, MD


“Your juice is fabulous!”
05/11/2014  Sarah, Boston, MA


“I love the wheatgrass….your VerdeGrass is so awesome and has helped heal so many.”
02/15/2014  Judy, Carmel, IN


“VerdeGrass is making such a difference in his WBC, which during chemo, is essential.  Thanks for such a great product.”
10/27/2013  Kim, Chicago, IL


“I got it! You are right! It is nice & sweet. I am now a loyal customer!”
05/10/2013  Debi, Moundsville, WV


“Concerning VerdeGrassThank you.  Feeling great and appreciate your hard work!  We’re fine and my daughter is eliminating migraines by using your wheatgrass too.”
03/01/2013  Yvonne, Evanston, IL


“Hey it works…Last time I ordered in bulk.  I am now pregnant  – does that entitle me to a discount?”
01/28/2013  Karina, Chevy Chase, MD


“Yes, he is a VerdeGrass baby.  Pre-pregnancy and most of my pregnancy.   Sometimes I mix it in my daughters smoothie when I make it for her.  I should put a drop or two in my 7 months food too, I did not think about that ’til now.”
02/27/2012  Nicole, Fenton, MO  (Long Time Customer)




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