“Just got my VerdeGrass.  Excited I tore off the foil and licked the frozen juice…..WOW!

The best wheat grass juice I have ever tasted….Capt. Tim, you ROCK!”

02/06/2015 Luke – FD/EMT, Milwaukee, WI


“When we ordered the wheat grass juice, my wife was really ill and needed it very badly.  We have used wheat grass

for over 30 years and have grown it ourselves, always producing the best we could find…that is until yours arrived!

Just opening the top of one of your little juice cups the wonderful smell of freshly juiced wheatgrass just runs up into

your nostrils and gives you a bit of a wheat grass high.  Your juice is every bit as good, or better, than what we have grown

ourselves and harvested same day fresh.  Congratulations for having such a wonderful touch with your process.  You have

managed to keep intact every good thing there is to be found in the fresh juice.  Go ahead and use my testimony here

if you like in any way that will promote your good efforts.  Thanks again and wishing you many blessings.”

11/23/2013 Michael & Martha, Crestone, CO


“Now I have breast cancer!  Doing chemo and drinking VerdeGrass.  My doctor tells me that whatever I am doing to keep it  up.  My tumors are dramatically vanishing…I just ordered 3 more cases!”

02/12/2013 Tonya, McDonough, GA


“Capt. Tim, your wheat grass juice is terrific!”

11/13/12 Veronica, Corpus Christi, TX (New Customer)


“My brother John just told me about you today and how good your product is.  Please ship to my home.”

01/10/13 Jean, Kenosha, WI (New Customer)



“Jamba Juice?  Yuch, it’s horrible!  Nothing like the richness and natural sweetness of VerdeGrass.”

06/23/12 Betty via phone, Rural Washington State


“Good Morning Tim, it’s Constance in Virginia.  This morning before breakfast my husband and I were talking and I asked him what he thought about your VerdeGrass.  His reply was simple and accurate.  He said, ‘We should have been drinking this wheat grass juice years ago, in comparison to the others we’ve been drinking…this is top shelf!’  Thank you…Tim”

01/27/2012  Constance, Roanoke, VA  (Senior Discount Friends)



Rosemary (Phoenix, AZ):  Say Tim, can you send a Grower’s Pack to my daughter in CA?

Capt. Tim:  Will do this coming Monday….Good stuff huh?

Rosemary:  Yup, I just love it!

Via email  09/10/11

frozen wheat grass juice

“If you think all wheat grass juice is the same…you are wrong!  After trying several, it became immediately clear to me that VerdeGrass is above and beyond all others.  The richness in taste and the amount of chlorophyll sure beats the watered down, bland imported or domestic juice that is many months old and horrible!  VerdeGrass has that balance of sweetness and  richness of tang that assures me of tremendous fresh, organic quality!”

05/06/2011  Phyllis, Savannah, GA


“Hello Tim,

The package was received on time and in very good conditions.  My father and I taste the individual service and it was great in flavor and very sweet.  Great product my friend.  My father found it very good, but strong since he is not a usual chlorophyll drinker.

No doubt, the quality of the product is very high and it had good presentation; after drinking the juice the sensation of mental alertness and vision clarity were improve immediately. ”

01/25/2010  Raul Feliciano @ Vibrant Health Products, Puerto Rico

Frozen wheat grass juice

“Can it be true that VerdeGrass is the best wheat grass juice there is?  Yes, in my view it is!  Its natural sweetness and organic integrity is fantastic.  I have tried many other brands over the last 25yrs., many bitter and horrible, not VerdeGrass.  I swayed from the path over the years but am back with Tim at Hawkhaven Greenhouse.  VerdeGrass simply is the best – period!”

11/22/2009  Rosemary W., Kenosha, WI


01/17/2011  …7 kids and they do drink it, although not everyday like me…..I mix it is smoothies or with bananas in their oatmeal…  C.D.  Doylestown, PA

April 9th, 2009  Today a Madison, WI area woman decried that, “VerdeGrass is too strong and too powerful for me!”  TT, Sun Prairie, WI

Via anecdote from her mother…perhaps she prefers watered down and weak wheat grass juice from a juice bar?  I can only say, Thank You!  Tim
01/16/09: Dear Tim,


I can’t say enough good things about your wheat grass juice or the impact that it has had on my overall well being.


I am 50 years old and was having significant pre-menopausal symptoms for the past year.   I talked to by GYN about it and tried several things which worked but which were really chemical in nature and not good for me.  So, I started taking your wheat grass juice and I have never felt better!  The juice completely did away with all of my symptoms, from insomnia and irritability to hot flashes.  In addition, I can tell that my body is just functioning better in general.  The dark circles under my eyes which I have had to cover up for years are all clear, and my skin has never looked better.  I have been on it now for about 3 months.  I am bouncing all over the place now, and my teenage kids laugh and say “Mom is on her grass!”


I have an active family, and now, whenever we get a cut, burn, or zit, we just strain one of the containers and put the pulp on the affected place, which will be gone the next day.


I had tried other frozen brands with some limited beneficial results, but I have to say that your product is superior in every way to any other frozen wheat grass juice that I have tried.  Your product is greener, is fresher, tastes sweeter, and makes me feel the best.


On top of it all, I have a new friend!  Tim, thanks for all that you do to produce such a great product.


R. S. H.

Washington, NC

You are very welcome…Tim            Who’s next…are you?


“Thanks Tim!
I have been shopping all over the internet looking for the best and most
efficient way for me to be able to take a wheatgrass shot every morning at
home before I leave for work, and yours is perfect and well priced
compared to all the others.”  A. K., Houston, TX  10/06/08

(This woman is now a regular customer and loves it, Tim)


Reality: Hi Tim, just taking a minute to let you know how much we appreciate your great product & how easy you make ordering! Tim, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in March. When I called you to get information on wheat grass juice, you were so informative, Thank You!! Rick takes 2 servings per day, I take 1. We feel great and do not take vitamins or supplements. Rick’s doctors feel he is doing something right and he is starting chemo & radiation next week. I know VerdeGrass daily will keep us both strong & energized, I will keep you posted. All I can say is THANKS.  KATHY & RICK, HOUSTON TEXAS 6/12/08

Subject: Verdegrass Review
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:43:28 -0400
From: “Liva, Philip” <pliva@….com>
To: wheatgrassjuice@hawkhaven.com
I’d just like to take a few minutes to write up a stellar review of Tim’s frozen wheatgrass juice.  If the blood samples aren’t enough to convince you of the importance of wheatgrass I assume all the amazing reviews could finish that job; I felt it was important that I write my own review because of how strongly I feel about this quality product.

My name is Philip Liva, 23 years old, son of two Naturopathic Physicians.  Growing up the son of two N.D.’s I have always prided myself on living a VERY healthy lifestyle.  I now live in NYC and work in a financial firm and do not have time to cook myself nutritious meals.  If I ever cook anything it’s usually eggs.  After living this

NYC lifestyle for about 4 months, I could feel the lack of nutritious veggies on a daily basis.  Something had to be done.  I started stopping at ional wheatgrass shot, and I could feel my body appreciating the nutrition both in my energy level and in things like the quality and cleanliness of my skin.  I decided wheatgrass was for me, and I went on a hunt to find out how I was going to make wheatgrass a part of my life.

My first inclination was to try and grow it and juice it myself.  Unfortunately the tiny apartment I live in will not accommodate the necessary tools to do this successfully, and on top of that I did not want to do a mediocre job, I wanted to start consuming the best wheatgrass I could.  I came across Tim’s website and appreciated the dedication he had to juicing wheatgrass so I gave him my business.  I’m so very glad that I did.  That was 3 months ago and I have gone through almost 2 entire boxes of frozen wheatgrass.  I recently just placed an order for 3 more boxes so my mother and younger sister could start consuming it.

The quality of Tim’s product is simply the best.  If you took a shot of Verdegrass and put it next to a shot of Jamba Juice’s freshly juiced wheatgrass you would laugh out how pathetically lacking the Jamba Juice shot looks, and tastes.  It’s like night and day for wheatgrass.  Honestly, I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say that I will be purchasing Tim’s product indefinitely.  I’m talking through when I get married, have children, retire and spend my retirement in sunny Florida, I want Tim’s grass there with me through it all.  Basically my only concern is that Tim find some young entrepreneur to teach his skills to so that I know I have access to his amazing Verdegrass!

Philip G. Liva, NYC

brooksFormer Green Bay Packer Star Wide Receiver Robert Brooks, used VerdeGrass during his playing days – will you during yours?

“I’d tried wheat grass juice in the past and didn’t care much for the taste, but after talking with Tim, I decided to try VerdeGrass. My wife and I drink it daily for we like the rich, natural sweetness and organic nutrition it supplies.” Robert Brooks, #87 Retired wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

Commentary: A local newspaper described Robert Brooks as a player with “exploding knees, cracked ribs, concussions. Imagine where he’d be if he wasn’t a health nut.” Robert Brooks is an intelligent, educated athlete, who decided to live in a healthy manner and let others know it!   He has honored me, Tim



Photo Copyright: Green Bay Packers

I LOVE your product!!! Wow what a difference from the Whole Foods frozen wheatgrass. I never believed I could find the perfect frozen wheatgrass. I am officially hooked! Could you please tell me how I could purchase your treats for my cat? She is almost 17 and I would love to get her started on your nutritious treats.


Thank you so much for your kindness and patience with my MANY emails!

Sincerely, S.D., Warren, MI   03/03/07

Our 65 lb. dog developed perivulvar dermatitis and the vet put her on antibiotics. She did not improve. We switched her to 1 oz. of VerdeGrass plus 500 mgs of C daily and saw improvement within a week, the inflammation was completely gone within a month.       J.N., Minneapolis, MN

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in January of 2001.  I had not been having formed stools for well over two years at that time. I have taken Prednisone, up to 40 mg per day, along with either Asacol or Colazal.  Though they provided a minimal amount of comfort, I was rarely able to have formed stools during the three years I was on the medication.  I began to see the relationship to what I was eating to the symptoms I was experiencing.

In December of 2003 I started consuming 4 to 6 oz of your VerdeGrass per day.

In addition to VerdeGrass, which I continue to use, I started taking Primal Defense in January of 2004, a homeostatic soil organism supplement, Soft Rock Phosphate and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  By the middle of January 2004 I was off all the medication due to the fact that I was now experiencing formed stools, all the time, and no cramping in my intestines.

Also, at Christmas time of 2003, our daughter, age 22, came home from school in New York City for vacation.  She has suffered facially from various forms of dermatological disruption (acne, rosacea) for the past 6 years.  We persuaded her to consumeVerdeGrass which she did for 8 days (4 ounces per day).  On the 9th day when she hadn’t seen a miracle, she quit taking it.  She went back to New York on the 12th day and on the 14th day she called to say her face had miraculously cleared up, not realizing that the VerdeGrass had finally worked through her system and started to affect her systemically.  She started consuming VerdeGrassthe next day and has maintained a clear complexion for the past 3 months.

Follow-up 11/01/06 in conversation with Brian:  We suggested to our daughter recently that she buy generic wheat grass juice at Whole Foods in NYC.  She did and responded to us, “This stuff tastes horrible!  How can I drink this?  It is nothing like VerdeGrass, it’s terrible, yuch!”

So now, we have Tim ship to her.

“Aha, the truth does out!” Tim

Thanks for all….

Sincerely, Brian G. Sumption, Richland Center, WI

A certificate of appreciation has been presented to Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int’l. in gratitude for a continued commitment to the health of the planet and her peoples by providing Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise products. The certificate states that Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int’l. plays a leadership role in providing high quality, environmentally friendly goods and services, and such actions are viewed as remarkable and truly inspirational!” Debra Lynn Dadd, Author of Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise, Pub. 1990
Jeremy P. Tarcher, Publisher, Los Angeles, CA

“Having found calcification in 1/4 of my left lung, I was very short of breath. Within 2 yrs. of using VerdeGrass my lung has rejuvenated and cleared!”
S.L., Wautoma, WI

“I took it instead of prenatal vitamins!”
R.H., Waukesha, WI

“Change of diet and your VerdeGrass has removed my cataracts, eliminated charlie horses, ended my night blindness and stopped macular degeneration of my one retina!”
L.V., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“As a teacher, I used to go from August to May with one cold after another. Now when a student sneezes in my face-I double up on my doses and I’m fine. 2-4fl. oz. per day of VerdeGrass has kept the colds and flu away!”
D.K., Clintonville, WI

“Our family loves your VerdeGrass. My 16 yr. old son with a very bad case of acne on his back began using it and within one week it was almost gone. Thanks for such a wonderful product!”
M.A., Dearborn Heights, MI

“When I started drinking your VerdeGrass, I really didn’t know what it would do for me. Now I find that the flaking scalp which I had for years is gone!”
D.H, Wichita, KS

“Your VerdeGrass tastes excellent, rich and sweet!”
Tom Tropper, Owner, Earth Herbs
Ventura, CA

“I’m already clean-use it as a basic source of nutrition.”

“I noticed my energy level is higher in the morning if I take it when I first wake up.”
C.N., Irving, TX

“Thanks for the prompt service and your product tastes great!”
S.M., Detroit, MI

“Although I don’t like the taste, I can feel the difference it makes! Thank you for growing such a wonderful, miraculous grass.”
L.B., Park Falls, WI

“After having lost 2 teeth this year I became concerned. What was I doing or not doing this last year to cause this? I had stopped drinking VerdeGrass! I know that it helps the gums and neutralizes mouth acids. I was foolish but not anymore. I’m going back on your VerdeGrass and will continue with it this time.”
Geraldine Medbury, Healing Hands Massage
Muskegon, MI

“I have non-Hogkins lymphoma and am taking 4 fl. oz. (2 servings) a day and like the effects, feel better, more energy. It shows in my eyes.”
V.W., Oconto, WI

“Tim, you and your company are known as one of the true quality vendors in the nutrition arena!”
Patrick Quillan, Ph.D, RD, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Tulsa, OK

“We made it thru the (UPS) strike, thanks to you Tim! We really appreciate all you did.”
Susan Hibbs, Owner, Sola Squeeze, in downtown Minneapolis, concerning our customer service in getting cut Wheat Grass to the juice bar.
Other Uses

Bites – Rashes – Hangovers

Many people think that the sole use of VerdeGrass is to drink it, not so.  Since it is rich in chlorophyll, a natural antibiotic, it can be used topically for rashes, sores, bug bites and even the dreaded hangover as the multivitamin.

Chigger or bug bites:  They itch (Chigger bites) and spread a caustic, acidic rash at ankle level.

Solution:  Drink the clearer liquid off a settled serving, mix the Chlorophyll with Aloe Vera and Comfrey.  Make a paste, spread upon the effected area, cover with gauze, wrap and secure a plastic bag (keeps the  moisture in) around/or over the area overnight.

Why does this work?  VerdeGrass neutralizes the acids, the Aloe Vera and Comfrey soothe the affected area and helps heal..


Hangovers:  Too much alcohol effects the body in many ways, we all know that, but mostly it uses up the B-Vitamins and Trace Minerals which causes the headache.

Solution:  VerdeGrass !

Why does this work?  VerdeGrass bring the body back to normal with more B-Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Chlorophyll to quickly ease the effects of ‘too much’ and will soothe the digestive tract.

These are just suggestions to make ones life a pleasanter experience… Capt. Tim


Just for fun, sing this to the old hit, Love Potion #9:

VerdeGrass – Life’s Potion that is mine!

I took my troubles up to Capt. Tim
You know the master grower at Hawkhaven.
He grows organic wheat grass, and it tastes so fine,
Selling daily servings of –
Life’s Potion, that is mine!

I just told him that I had no zip,
It’s been this way since 1986,
He looked at my diet and said that now it’s time,
He said, “What you need is –
VerdeGrass, it’s time to dine!”

He bent down and turned around, he gave me time to think,
Will I become healthy, will I be in the pink?
It smelled like fresh cut lawn and looked like deep dark green ink,
I held my nose and closed my eyes,
I took a drink.

Now I know the difference between day and night,
I started eating in a manner right,
I cleaned up my act and now I’m feeling fine,
And its all because of –
Life’s Potion that is mine!

Come let’s drink some VerdeGrass, you know it’s time to dine, on –
Life’s Potion that is mine!  ©T. M. Paegelow, 2008



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