Spring into Spring

Organic Squash Seed

We have Organic Squash Seed – For Sale !

Calabacita (Tatume):  This summer squash if a Mexican Zucchini. Rather than being long, it is roundish.  But the magic of the squash is that it is sweeter and creamier.  When picked no larger than a softball, you eat them raw. When older, they are good for soups.




Multi-colored Acorn:  These squash are just the same sweet fall squash as their all green cousins. Nice and sweet when baked.

Autumn Cup:  A fall squash that winters very nicely.  It is super sweet, so sweet the deer, squirrels and rabbits come to eat it!  I love this squash…..tp








Butternut:  The age old favorite of many.  Good quality


Good keeping winter squash are hard to find……Tatume is not one but the orders are.

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