Through Composting

Clearly soil is the basis for all things we and our pets and our foods rely upon. We have clays, loams and sandy soils.
We realize that what goes in comes out…some say garbage in, garbage out…so if we put petrochemical fertilizers in/on our soils we have their residue. If we use Natural additives we get natural soil…dah?
So INS is very important!
We know birds and animals die in the woods…..they fertilize that soil.  So why not put a dead bird into your compost pile vs that petrochemical garbage?
When I catch a mouse, shoot a marauding squirrel or raccoon or even a feral cat (that reduces wild birds from the yard)……I compost them.
Some folks go yuck, I go hurray….natural fertilizer and no more varmints!
What else? Ok kitchen scraps, coffee grounds (great nitrogen), sea kelp, leaves, egg shells, left overs, etc. some say no animal scraps…….hog wash.  Even in the city animal scraps break down (bones become calcium), they do not attract rats…they live in the sewers, not your back yard!
The lack of use of leaves disturbs me…why?  They contain the nutrient that the tree drew from the soil. I saw the other day a man blowing leaves off is lawn, putting them in the ditch to burn or have the city haul them away to compost.  Yet he puts petrochems on his lawn for the summer, when he could chop them up into his lawn and the worms will pull the small pieces into the soil at night… 2 days no leaves.
Free Fertilizer!
What we get is vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes…..they feed the bacteria, molds and worms within the piles and when used for (Wheat Grass) wheatgrass plantings……super nutritious grass for juice.  How about for your flower beds and certainly for your veggie gardens.
We get out of naturally composted soil, value beyond being in tune with Mother Nature, we get healthy bodies and minds…..a cleaner environment etc.
Do you folks realize that 50% of the foods produced here in the US is thrown out?  We have 2 big grocery firms in our small town of 2200 and neither will allow anyone to take their throw outs home to compost….instead it is to the dump with that stuff.  Now think about restaurants, schools etc. and what they throw away….again the same…to the dump vs compost….why?
And we wonder why people are sick?  Why food costs continue to rise? We throw out that which can eventually feed us through composting.
So my friends look at what we are doing to ourselves by not composting!  Composting can be done in the city, the suburbs and of course in the countryside.
It is easy to do. I started with a 4’x4′ square of snow fence, that over the years has added great soil to my flower beds, my hops planters and during the summer one large compost pile becomes the veggie garden.  You want to taste a tomato that tastes naturally like a tomato and not cardboard…try mine!
My veggie garden is usually 30’x10’x2′ pure compost and I can not eat it all, but give it away.  Can you say that?  I hope you do…….

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