Cryogenic Hops: Nugget 2017 S&H Included




Organically Grown – Nugget Hops

30g. Lupulin rich (stored frozen) flaked Hop florets, in a heat sealed Mylar pouch with oxygen absorber packet.

Air dried, not pelleted.  2017 CryoHop Nugget Crop is Ready

Priority Mail Shipping – $0.50/pouch included

Alpha Analytics LLC – Fall 2017 – Certified & Tested for Home Brewing
Home Brew Value Metrics – Alpha Acid 11.8%Beta Acid 4.6%

Hop Storage Index % Degradation @ 6 months Nugget Hops
24.4% @ 68 F  and  9.8% @ <32 F

Additional information

Weight .16 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .5 in


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