Other insights: SOIL the INS and the OUTS

It seems that some folks are thinking that we are composting our pets…..NO we are not!

Feral Cats, are wild killers of birds and other small animals…..they are not Pets.
Here at Hawkhaven we have a Pet Cemetery…..my first 2 dogs, another dog from a good friend, my mothers and brothers personal cats and 2 of mine. These animals are not cremated but were interred in the soil beneath a very big White Pine. Therefore they are feeding the tree and have their place of reverence.
Ferals cats are like feral dogs that run in packs, in that they are wild animals that should not be there in the first place but many folks when they no longer want the pet anymore, put it in the woods…out of sight is out of mind and the predator cat destroys the bird population…….
Do you know that the farmer’s cows and pigs die too? Well of course they do…..so what happens on the farm?
I watched on PBS a program on large animal disposal by composting…..it is a long process taking a year but the whole animal…..becomes soil that is then spread over the fields in a natural organic manner.
We Hawkhaven Greenhouse use those feral cats, marauding raccoons and squirrels, trapped mice, the same way over winter……they are soil by spring. Our compost is from this land, naturally…..leaves, house scraps and those animals…..becomes soil.
So my friends, I ask that we see that nature is helping us become healthier…..by growing on compost our Wheat Grass for you……we do NOT compost our pets…..12/13/16 Capt. Tim

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