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Calabacita Soup – “Cita Soup”

Calabacita or Tatume is a Mexican form of zucchini. Rather than the long tubes that over grow so easily, these are round, about the size of a softball or smaller is best for eating fresh. They are sweeter and creamier than the tubes.

I have used fresh cut pieces of small ones as part of sushi or just into a dip.

Here we go!

Take 2 large overgrows, cut in half vertically, scoop out the seeds and fiber. Do not throw out!

Cut the halves into 1” slices and remove the peeling with a knife. The peeling is hard, it is an overgrow, compost the peels of course.

Cut the arcs into 1” pieces and put into the blender with 2 cups water per overgrow.

At the same time take the seeds and fiber, place into a frying pan with 1 chopped large Vidalia onion and sauté until browned, then add to the blended pieces and blend real well, so that the seeds are all chopped up small. They have super nutrition. Add more water if needed…..

Put into a large pot and bring to a rolling simmer.  This soup is thick and creamy… will splatter, be careful….lower heat accordingly.

Add salt and pepper to taste. A dash or 3 of Basil leaf and Garlic powder.

Add 1/2 of a whole Nutmeg, fresh ground and ½ pint of heavy cream and/or coconut milk.

Upon serving, sprinkle fresh chopped parsley on top as a garnish.

Makes about 3qts.

Smooth, creamy, awesome natural sweet taste, super nutrition……Enjoy my friends…..Capt. Tim

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