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Superoxide dismutase or SOD is an enzyme found in all living cells. An enzyme is a substance that speeds up certain chemical reactions in the body.


How does it work?


Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells. An anti-oxidant, which might prevent damage to tissues. It is being researched to see if it can help conditions where oxygen molecules are believed to play a role in disease.


Superoxide dismutase is also said to slow up the aging process and reverse signs of aging in the skin.


Found within the cell’s mitochondria, another SOD enzyme is manganese dependent (MnSOD). . Foods that are an excellent source of manganese include mustard greens, chard, spinach, romaine lettuce, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, oats, brown rice and green beans…..and that relates to Wheat Grass Juice.

Melons, including honey dew, casaba and cantaloupe, contain the SOD enzyme. Wheat, corn and soy sprouts also have high concentrations of SOD.


So it becomes clear that a healthy diet of good greens, certain melons and sprouts will aid the body with SOD. An intake of natural sources of anti-oxidents becomes necessary and smart.


How has it worked within me?


I am a man of 70yrs. and look like I am 50y/o in the eyes of many folks…..why would that be? I have been eating well since 1974 after buying this farm and began compost gardening. No more wheat as grown today… more ‘Wheat Belly’…lol, but rather many of the foods listed above and of course…


Wheat Grass Juice since 1980.…yup 1980!   VerdeGrass 


I am not covered with ‘liver spots’, nor all wrinkled up like so many folks I know. I am active and vital….though honestly I do feel aging coming on.

I repeat: “it becomes clear that a healthy diet of good greens, certain melons and sprouts will aid the body with SOD.


So I drink my VerdeGrass daily…..will you?

Health & Nutrition

Other insights: SOIL the INS and the OUTS

It seems that some folks are thinking that we are composting our pets…..NO we are not!

Feral Cats, are wild killers of birds and other small animals…..they are not Pets.
Here at Hawkhaven we have a Pet Cemetery… first 2 dogs, another dog from a good friend, my mothers and brothers personal cats and 2 of mine. These animals are not cremated but were interred in the soil beneath a very big White Pine. Therefore they are feeding the tree and have their place of reverence.
Ferals cats are like feral dogs that run in packs, in that they are wild animals that should not be there in the first place but many folks when they no longer want the pet anymore, put it in the woods…out of sight is out of mind and the predator cat destroys the bird population…….
Do you know that the farmer’s cows and pigs die too? Well of course they do… what happens on the farm?
I watched on PBS a program on large animal disposal by composting… is a long process taking a year but the whole animal…..becomes soil that is then spread over the fields in a natural organic manner.
We Hawkhaven Greenhouse use those feral cats, marauding raccoons and squirrels, trapped mice, the same way over winter……they are soil by spring. Our compost is from this land, naturally…..leaves, house scraps and those animals…..becomes soil.
So my friends, I ask that we see that nature is helping us become healthier… growing on compost our Wheat Grass for you……we do NOT compost our pets…..12/13/16 Capt. Tim
Health & Nutrition

How about a great recipe?

Calabacita Soup – “Cita Soup”

Calabacita or Tatume is a Mexican form of zucchini. Rather than the long tubes that over grow so easily, these are round, about the size of a softball or smaller is best for eating fresh. They are sweeter and creamier than the tubes.

I have used fresh cut pieces of small ones as part of sushi or just into a dip.

Here we go!

Take 2 large overgrows, cut in half vertically, scoop out the seeds and fiber. Do not throw out!

Cut the halves into 1” slices and remove the peeling with a knife. The peeling is hard, it is an overgrow, compost the peels of course.

Cut the arcs into 1” pieces and put into the blender with 2 cups water per overgrow.

At the same time take the seeds and fiber, place into a frying pan with 1 chopped large Vidalia onion and sauté until browned, then add to the blended pieces and blend real well, so that the seeds are all chopped up small. They have super nutrition. Add more water if needed…..

Put into a large pot and bring to a rolling simmer.  This soup is thick and creamy… will splatter, be careful….lower heat accordingly.

Add salt and pepper to taste. A dash or 3 of Basil leaf and Garlic powder.

Add 1/2 of a whole Nutmeg, fresh ground and ½ pint of heavy cream and/or coconut milk.

Upon serving, sprinkle fresh chopped parsley on top as a garnish.

Makes about 3qts.

Smooth, creamy, awesome natural sweet taste, super nutrition……Enjoy my friends…..Capt. Tim

I can provide seeds….$2.50/dozen including mailing… me at 920.540.3536

Health & Nutrition


Through Composting

Clearly soil is the basis for all things we and our pets and our foods rely upon. We have clays, loams and sandy soils.
We realize that what goes in comes out…some say garbage in, garbage out…so if we put petrochemical fertilizers in/on our soils we have their residue. If we use Natural additives we get natural soil…dah?
So INS is very important!
We know birds and animals die in the woods…..they fertilize that soil.  So why not put a dead bird into your compost pile vs that petrochemical garbage?
When I catch a mouse, shoot a marauding squirrel or raccoon or even a feral cat (that reduces wild birds from the yard)……I compost them.
Some folks go yuck, I go hurray….natural fertilizer and no more varmints!
What else? Ok kitchen scraps, coffee grounds (great nitrogen), sea kelp, leaves, egg shells, left overs, etc. some say no animal scraps…….hog wash.  Even in the city animal scraps break down (bones become calcium), they do not attract rats…they live in the sewers, not your back yard!
The lack of use of leaves disturbs me…why?  They contain the nutrient that the tree drew from the soil. I saw the other day a man blowing leaves off is lawn, putting them in the ditch to burn or have the city haul them away to compost.  Yet he puts petrochems on his lawn for the summer, when he could chop them up into his lawn and the worms will pull the small pieces into the soil at night… 2 days no leaves.
Free Fertilizer!
What we get is vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes…..they feed the bacteria, molds and worms within the piles and when used for (Wheat Grass) wheatgrass plantings……super nutritious grass for juice.  How about for your flower beds and certainly for your veggie gardens.
We get out of naturally composted soil, value beyond being in tune with Mother Nature, we get healthy bodies and minds…..a cleaner environment etc.
Do you folks realize that 50% of the foods produced here in the US is thrown out?  We have 2 big grocery firms in our small town of 2200 and neither will allow anyone to take their throw outs home to compost….instead it is to the dump with that stuff.  Now think about restaurants, schools etc. and what they throw away….again the same…to the dump vs compost….why?
And we wonder why people are sick?  Why food costs continue to rise? We throw out that which can eventually feed us through composting.
So my friends look at what we are doing to ourselves by not composting!  Composting can be done in the city, the suburbs and of course in the countryside.
It is easy to do. I started with a 4’x4′ square of snow fence, that over the years has added great soil to my flower beds, my hops planters and during the summer one large compost pile becomes the veggie garden.  You want to taste a tomato that tastes naturally like a tomato and not cardboard…try mine!
My veggie garden is usually 30’x10’x2′ pure compost and I can not eat it all, but give it away.  Can you say that?  I hope you do…….
Health & Nutrition

Wheatgrass Juice vs Wheat Grass Juice

Is there a Difference between them?

Absolutely! Wheatgrass is a road side grass native to Oregon, it is never juiced, nor would you want it to be!
Wheat Grass Juice is the juice extracted from the blades of grass, the early growing/seedling stage of the cereal grain Wheat.  Since 1984, Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int’l. has organically grown wheat on our own compost to produce VerdeGrass our trademarked, hand crafted in WI the full year around, fresh-frozen integrity……Wheat Grass Juice!
What does Mike from CA say to all of us? “Excellent Product”
Watch out for sites that say they sell you Wheatgrass juice!   You want Wheat Grass Juice and nothing but the Best – VerdeGrass Brand from us at Hawkhaven Greenhouse.
We are on your side, offering you aide to gain a healthy life style, live a longer vital life.
If you have comments for us, please Post them….Good health to you my friends!  Capt. Tim, Master Organic Grower