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Neptune’s Harsh Mistress

Before Marquette

Morris’ Mountain (Holden Church)


Singin’ on the Wine

The Twig

A comment from a woman in China about Before Marquette: 

“Marquette song? Very beautiful music, hear this song, I rest on the couch, this music so ethereal, as if from very far away it coming.” She had recently been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, clearly it soothed her troubled spirit, to which I am thankful.



 Dulbro – Tin Box Slider

The Dulbro – Tin Box Slider is the handcrafted creation of Captain Tim.  Based on the “Cigar Box Guitar”, it is a combination of Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer and Steel Dobro Guitar.  It is made from collectable cookie, candy and product tin boxes, supported by a heart of oak neck, strung with mandolin strings, fret spotted (inlays of Ebony, Bloodwood, Teak, other exotic woods, plastics, & brass) as a standard dulcimer (no actual frets), played with a full or knuckle slide bar, tuned to a dulcimer modal sound, chord & amp rigged with a standard 1/4″ jack.

Body Size: Based on Tin Box   Neck length:  31 in.   Weight: 2.5 lbs.  String size: 39w, 25w, 2-14s or 2-11s

Ideal for backpacking, canoeing and travel.  Light and durable. 

Can be played acoustically (sound holes in body) or through an amplifier.

Great for the performer that wants a cool, ‘back water swamp’ sound, easy to play and kept in fine condition with furniture oil.

Designed for shoulder strap playing but can be restrung and set up for playing on your lap, you choose.

Many style boxes available.  Choose from my finds, provide your own box or .jpg for a blank cover TBS.

* All instruments are personalized (name or logo), unique, distinctive & different. *

* These babies ROCK *

Handcrafted Dulbro – TBS:  $95.00

Soft Shell Case:  $45.00

(See description below)

Set of Steel Knuckle & Full bar Slides (1 each):  $10.00

Complete Gig Kit of Above:  $150.00 + S&H

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100_0956My Original Dulbro – Tin Box Slider – “The Courier” (Not For Sale)
Nat. Oak neck, Teak nut & bridge, Blk plastic & Ebony inlays, Ivory Tuners, 39w-25w-11s-11s

100_0958SOLD – Animal Cracker’s TBS
Dark oak stained Oak neck, SS nut & bridge, Bloodwood & Ebony inlays, Ivory Tuners, 39w-25w-12s-12s

100_0971FOR SALE – Madrigal TBS (not with pick as shown)
Drk Oak stained Oak neck, Reset w/SS Nut & Bridge, Brass & Ebony inlays, Blk Tuners, 39w-25w-14s-14s

100_0959SOLD – Mickey Mouse TBS
Mustard stained Oak neck, Reset w/SS nut & bridge, Brass & Ebony inlays, Blk Tuners, 39w-25w-11s-11s

Elvis2SOLD – Elvis TBS
This slider belongs to Jazz Guitarist, Steve Schwartz of Huntington Station, NY
“Oh man, this baby is nice, real nice!”,  Steve
Maple stained Oak neck, SS bar nut and bridge, Brass & Ebony inlays, Ivory Tuners, Jazz Humbucker pick up,
 ‘Chrome’ flat wound strings 32w-24w-16s-12s

Blue SwirlSOLD – Blue Swirl TBS
A slider for a young lad 6y/o on his birthdayHis first instrument that will drive his parents crazy!

Ocean Blue stained Oak neck, SS nut & bridge, Brass & Ebony inlays, Wht Tuners, 39w-25w-12s-12s


Gunsmoke2SOLD – Gunsmoke TBS  (a Wagon Train like this is also available)
This slider is built from a 1972 antique lunch box, privately owned and a Christmas present in 2011.

Natural stained Oak neck, SS nut & bridge, Brass & Ebony inlays, Blk Tuners, 39w-25w-12s-12s


Jack Daniels 2SOLD – Jack Daniels TBS
Gloss Black Oak neck, SS nut & bridge, Iron Cross onlays, Wht Tuners, 39w-25w-12s-12s

Redlin 2FOR SALE – Terry Redlin – “BestFriends” – TBS
Maple Stained Oak neck, SS nut & bridge, Bird onlays, Blk Tuners, 39w-25w-12s-12s

Bobby Evans Slider2Bobby Evans of the Alimony Band on his Dulbro TBS.   He says, “This baby rocks the house.”



These Tin Boxes are ready to be made into a new Dulbro – TBS!

* You choose *

    The thinnest body sizes (Star War’s, HYP, NASCAR, Life Savers) do not resonate much,

 yet sound fine amped.  All other thick bodied TBS resonate nicely acoustically, as well as amped.

 Know that it is not an original Dulbro – TBS, ‘Tin Box Slider’ creation made by Capt. Tim

without the Hawkhaven Music Logo between the tuners.

Ask about:

Steel Slides

(knuckle & full bar sets)

Soft Shell – Gig Bags

Made from water resistant Sunbrella outer shell, foam cushioned Vinyl liner, marine zipper and shoulder strap.

Dimensions:  33″ x 11″ x 5″    Weight alone: 1.5#  –  with Dulbro:  4#


Soft shell case with my personal Holstein TBS

Restoration of Pre-WW2 “Jazz Box” Harmony Guitar

Found in an old farm house about to be demolished.


< Before Restoration

Badly Marred Surface, Chipped Purfling, Broken Tuners, Rusted Strings, Body Coming Apart, No Pick Guard.  Totally Unplayable!

After Restoration >

Wet Sanded & Polished, New “Golden Age” Restoration Tuners, New Strings, Body Reglued & Sturdy, Repainted Purfling, Era Style Pick Guard, Bridge & Nut – Action Adjustments. A real Sweetie now!

Elbow Room2

Jammin’ with my old friends at the Elbow Room, with Jim Prideaux, the finest lead guitar player I know.

CaptinTim5.18.09 007a   CaptinTim5.18.09 008a

In concert at Touchmark

Where Captain Tim performed acoustic homespun in 2009 and beyond:

“Another wonderful performance, stylish, appropriate, mentally challenging and fun.  Capt. Tim just WOW’s us!

Really a pleasure for such a small facility like us.”

Linda Zimmerman, Director Silver Lake Manor, Wautoma



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