Becky T. of Odessa, Tx askes:

Q: Other juices I’ve tried seem smoother in texture, why?

A: Since the chlorophyll clumps (coalesses) in freezing, it settles and therefore must be reconstituted in the juice after thawing.  That is why we say, ‘shake it before drinking’.  If juice is real smooth it is simply short on chlorophyll.  VerdeGrass is high in chlorophyll and will give a somewhat thicker texture.

Q-1:  What is VerdeGrass?

A:  VerdeGrass is our distinctive brand name of fresh-frozen Wheat Grass Juice. It differs from other juices by nutritional content, flavor and taste, price, quality of packaging, growing conditions and soil nutrition.

Q-2:  How is it different?

A:  Because our grass is grown on the finest organically composted, continuously replenished top soil since 1974, the soil is nutrient rich in trace minerals and other needs specific to the wheat plant. If it’s in the soil, it’s in the juice!

Q-3:  Why use VerdeGrass?

A:  To give yourself a daily organic broad spectrum nutritional supplement to the diet, for its gentle cleansing action (in the digestive tract and at a cellular level), and because of the first two, the immune system seems to be reinforced. Lastly, it’s just the best Wheat Grass Juice there is!

Q-3:  Is frozen juice better than pills and/or powders?

A:  It is the next best thing to fresh from the juicer.

Q-5:  Some say freezing destroys the nutritional value?

A:  Realize that freezing is a change of state, not a chemical change in the product.  Actually freezing prolongs nutritional value and keeps the natural enzymes alive and active.

Q-6:  How long is it good for?

A:  Our VerdeGrass is freshness dated for 9 months from date of juicing.

Q-7:  How is it used?

A:  It is kept in the freezer until use. Take the daily serving out of the freezer before bed and place in the refrigerator until morning to thaw. Gently shake, to reconstitute the chlorophyll (which coalesces in freezing) with the fluids. Pull back the foil and drink half the serving the first day. Put back into refrigerator in  small glass jar until day 2 then finish. Do this for 3 servings, so your body slowly acclimates to the strong juice. After that, drink the full serving on a daily basis from then on. After week 2 greater intake is self determined according to needs or desires. Be gentle with yourself.

Q-8:  The taste is strong, can it be mixed or chased?

A:  Yes, into various juices i.e. carrot, orange, apple, pineapple, other green drinks or even salad dressings. Should some nausea occur, at the outset of use, chase with an equal amount of water, but it is best to use straight, unmixed, better antibacterial action and absorption. Most people experience no problems.

Q-9:  Is it used only for drinking?

A:  No, it can be applied topically or implanted for various needs.

Q-10:  Can I grow this myself?

A:  It is not recommended to grow your own. The true magic of this product is in the soil (nutrients/minerals) through composting and organic nutritional soil replenishment. Besides it can often be hard to grow because of molds within the seeds groove and non-composted soil.   Molds tends to develop in an uncontrolled environment, not here.  Growing your own requires space, trays, water, and soil all over your home or apartment.  Do you want that mess?

We do not have mold problems at Hawkhaven Greenhouse!

Q-11:  Who can use it?

A:  Most anyone, from young to old, healthy to those fighting disease. Children like the natural sweetness, really.

Q-12:  Can I give it to my pets?

A:  Certainly, though they might prefer our “NuTreats” made exclusively for pets that may graze, i.e. cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc. NuTreats are made from our ‘squeeze dried’ wheat grass and our clients critters gobble it up!  Available by request only.

Q-13:  Why is shipping so much?

A:  We ship Air Service, use Dry Ice and insulated shipping cartons, Fuel Surcharges are very high with the shippers, so there is not much we can do…….sorry.  See GreenMarket News Brief for more on this.

Q-14:  Will it come frozen?

A:  Yes, for the above reasons.  Be sure to put the cases in your freezer when they arrive.

Q-15:  What if we find some thawing?

A:   Slight thawing may occur in hot conditions.  When the cases are put in the freezer  immediately, all will refreeze and be OK.

Q-16:  Why are All Sales Final with No Returns or Refunds?

A:  Our VerdeGrass is fresh – FROZEN.  Being frozen and a perishable food product means that we do everything necessary to assure you that you will receive the juice in good condition i.e. FROZEN.  We achieve that through packaging; by the use of dry ice in a foam shipping carton and 1 day Ground or 2 day Air service via UPS or Fedex.  We do our job, the shippers do theirs and then there are no problems.  Should the customer forget about the shipment, hot weather or traffic conditions, allow it to thaw is a shame and not of our creation; therefore as aperishable food product we can not accept any returns or give refunds.

Q-17:  We have a small freezer, how big are the cases?

A:   They are the size of a ream of paper 11x9x3.

Remember, our Master Organic Grower – Tim Paegelow, is always open to questions, comments and any consultation necessary in a strictly, confidential manor.