Carton Return Policy

Shipping is expensive and so are the shipping cartons. We have asked our customers and used first, Parcel Post which then changed to Standard Mail or Standard Post! Now all has changed again, not that service has gotten better but that now to return cartons… must go: USPS Retail Ground


We must remember the USPS is a large corporation, not a government agency!


Their focus is making MORE $$$. Dig this…..I have sent juice to my brother, 100mi away and it costs $16 with Fedex, would be $13 with UPS……with the USPS, Priority Mail and 1st Class…..a 3 lb package is $23………….what? I could drive there and back for half that in gas?


Now with the new USPS Retail Ground…..I do not know the costs…..a person must go to them and then you will know the cost!


As I have said before, their focus is $$$ and that means via what they say “We can get it there in 2 day’s” rhetoric from them…..I do not care how long it takes, just that the shipping carton is returned and at the least expensive way as possible! There is no good reason to throw out an expensive carton when it can be used again…..and we will refund the mailing cost to our customers.


We are all lost in what to do…..and it seems USPS Retail Ground will be the most cost effective.


We are at their mercy and that stinks! Capt. Tim

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