Captain Tim Paegelow

Retired 100 GT Master of Sail & Power Vessels

On watch
Photo Copyright T. M. Paegelow, 2006

As a retired 100 GT Great Lakes & Inland Waters Master for both Sail and Power vessels, I proudly carry a US passport valid through Nov. 2020.  I have captained vessels up to 81′ and 75 gross tons upon the Great Lakes and Inland Waters of the US.

With over 40yrs of experience on the water, I have given many folk smooth, safe rides and enjoyable times.  As a man who is very knowledgeable about many makes and styles of boats (both sail & power), seamanship, marlinspike, the marine environment, navigation and so much more, plays an integral part in my daily life.  I own and sail a 1968 pre-Bristol 24, a true classic, a Sailstar Corsair named Vireo.

Be it a delivery of a boat to another port and region or consultation of a marine matter, I am ready to provide my professional expertise and comprehensive training to satisfy anyones nautical requirements.

As a skilled boat handler, crew leader and trained radar technician, I have served as a USAF Meteorologist, tour & sail charter boat Captain, teacher, small businessman, singer/songwriter – acoustic musician, as well as a manager of many other challenging endeavors.

Past Member – American Professional Captains Association

All my life I have lead through example.  Using my skills and extensive experience, I exhibit myself as a role model for young people. By leading many team concept workshops myself and applying those concepts in daily life, business and sailing, I have created well honed crews in every venture undertaken.

Having sailed for years, I have acquired the innate ability to feel vessel movement of all sizes and shapes, both sail & power.  I love being aboard and at sea!

Captain – Passenger Ferry
Isle Royale Queen III
Menominee, MI

81’x18’x7′ 66GTs
Relief Captain – R/V Neeskay
University of WI – Milwaukee
Great Lakes WATER Institute

71’x17’8″x8′ 75GTs
Captain – Tour Boat
“Spirit on the Lake”
Sheboygan, WI

50’x16’x7′ 32GTs
Master – Owner – S/V Vireo
Heavy Displacement – Full Keel Sloop

27’x8’x3’6″ 3GTs


“Having known Capt. Tim for over 40 years, he sure has a great feel for boat handling and a leader, a truly fine Captain.  He‘s a natural.” Captain T. G. Fennell


I know that being at sea during trying, stormy weather conditions and emergency situations are not enjoyable.  From those times I have learned to remain both calm and steady so as to inspire confidence in others own safety as passenger or crewmember.

I am a man who is greater than the sum of his parts. Any discerning owner, fellow Captain or organization will be very pleased with me as an integral part of their team or leader.  For I am easy to get along with, fun and interesting to have aboard.


Captain Tim


Sailing Lessons & Boat Delivery



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