The Ideal Blood Picture
Red blood cells should be about the same size and appear as perfectly round circles on a dark background. The centers should also be dark, residing in their own space, never overlapping or clumping. White blood cells should be about twice as large as the reds and have a light colored grainy appearance with 3-4 dark irregular shaped lobes within. Rather than being round, their appearance is often irregular and seen on the same background. In normal blood there is about 1000 red cells to every white cell.
Red Blood Cells are stacked one upon another, like rolls of coins. The blood stream is clogged with cholesterol and white blood cells cannot be seen. This is a dramatic case of oxygen deprivation; it is indicative of severe degeneration and shows chronic inflammation or an immune reaction. Many factors may cause this condition including chronic stress, continuous antibiotic use in childhood, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, the inability to absorb nutrients due to lack of HCl acid; it may even be inherited. bloodsamplembBlood
Samples of M.B., Minn., MN
June 27, 1990
august8August 8, 1990 This blood sample was taken after the addition of 2 fl. oz (62 ml) of VerdeGrass, drunk for a period of 45 days. No other major dietary changes were made during this time. The blood stream has become much darker and richer with the red blood cells beginning to unclump. The white blood cells are still too small to be seen, and there are many large bright spots which are mineral deposits not being properly flushed by the kidneys.
Here the red blood cells have completely unclumped, clearly showing a dramatic increase in oxygen intake. The white blood cells are of normal size and number. Now that each cell is visible, other abnormalities can be corrected. This is one happy customer, who continues to use our juice. All the assessments made here were done by the customer’s health professional and not those of Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int’l. septemberSeptember 15, 1990



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