The Tao is the Way of all things. Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy and/or ‘way of life’, and important part of mine and how I do things here.

This is the first of a series of 3 Verde-Blogs that will examine the use of VerdeGass, while living on that path, the Way.

Let us start with a Nutrition:

It has been known for thousands of years that chlorophyll is a natural anti-biotic. We now realize that soil gives us nutrition through the foods we eat. Therefore it becomes obvious that nutrient rich soil then produces good nutritious food, and chlorophyll helps us fight off unwanted flora and fauna, externally and internally. VerdeGrass is rich in Vitamins A, C and E, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. It also contains 19 amino acids and essential enzymes. Chlorophyll also helps reverse aging with the enzyme SOD (super oxide dismutase), suppresses hunger, cleanses the blood, reduces body odor and allows the blood to carry more oxygen plus raises a woman‘s hematocrit.

Wheat, a cereal grain, has been changed by mainstream agriculture and has now become an addictive substance that acts like an opiate in the brain. Still the plant is able to take nutrition out of the soil and into the food product……thus good soil, makes good food…..poor soil does not. Wheat is capable of taking all the natural occurring elements into the plant, but only if it is within that soil! Therefore we at Hawkhaven Greenhouse have created a trace mineral and elemental rich soil through composting since 1974. Only natural soil additives have made the soil as rich and black as it is. Thus making VerdeGrass Brand Wheat Grass Juice one of the healthiest organic foods for health and nutrition. It can bring you health in many forms, from top to bottom, inside and out from increased energy levels to over-all beauty. (A new customer, my auto mechanic, was gray looking and sallow, within 1 week of 2 servings/day…this man sparkles. His face is bright, actions more grounded, no longer gray and sallow looking, but bright and cheery! Off the steriods.)
So how do we introduce VerdeGrass Brand Wheat Grass Juice our Diets.

Grow it your self (not recommended), buy powders, get a shot at a juice bar, or order frozen juice from It is easy to start with a half serving (hockey puck size) as your early morning pick me up on an empty stomach. Doing this for a few days allows the body to slowly acclimate to this strong drink……Rich in WHAT? Chlorophyll and Nutrition!

After those few days a full serving will be fine for those folks who are healthy, but those folks with ailments will need more. Some folks drink 2/day others 4/day…..your body will tell you how you are adapting.

The point is it takes time to get sick and it takes time to heal and/or maintain health…..there is no magic pill, so to speak.

So what can VerdeGrass do for you? It can….
Treat Skin Ailments: Since chlorophyll is anti-biotic and healing, direct application of juice to skin ailments will help in healing. I had chigger bites years ago at my ankles…..itched like mad…..I made a blend of VerdeGrass, aloe vera and comfrey from the garden into a paste… 3 days the spreading acid and itching from those bites were gone. Also good for poison ivy….eczema and psoriasis.

Lose Weight: Who doesn’t want that? Again it takes time and of course exercise… in balance.

Reduce Food Cravings: How does it do that? By giving your body what it needs in natural nutrition, from the grower, the composter…..Hawkhaven Greenhouse! As the juice satisfies, food cravings are lowered and we go on with our days.

Detox You Cells: Begin to eat an alkaline diet……Wheat Grass Juice does taste sweet….it balances the body away from the acids of the regular American diet of sodas, burgers and fries. To sweeten you soil in your garden so that the plants grow….we put on lime with the manure to balance the pH to about 6.5.…..VerdeGrass is the bodies sweetener.

Improve Immunity: WGJ builds the blood by helping create red blood cells… Chemically the Chlorophyll molecule is very similar to the Hemoglobin molecule……the center of these molecules are Iron and Magnesium… what happens during digestion is that the chlorophyll molecule breaks down. The iron goes free and iron is then sucked into that spot as the center of the Hemoglobin molecule.

Wholla we have more Hemoglobin! More oxygen is able to be carried by the blood stream.

More oxygen, more energy, cells detox, a woman’s Hematocrit goes up……give your immune system that jolt of health when a cold or flu comes on

Stimulate Circulation: The more oxygen in the blood, circulation is stimulated. Here is an anecdote that I would like to pass along……Many years ago a Nurse at a Detroit hospital call me to say that they had a patient with an extremely low hemoglobin/red blood cell count in the patients blood. She want4ed me to know that they gave the patient my WGJ and within hours…..the hematocrit was rising and the patient might not die…….

To me this shows the life giving aspects of WGJ-VerdeGrass….this my friends was in the early 90’s…..nurse unk, hospital unk……results known.

End of Part 1.……….Think GREEN and Drink GREEN……