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  “Gotta have It!

Now a regular customer has this to say about his families use.

“Thank you, Capt. Tim, I was able to work 14 hour days commuting to Phoenix every week since the end of October without sickness, a fact I can only attribute to the VerdeGrass. My daughter also survived a killer schedule by being a regular user of the product.”  12/26/2017 Jim B., rural VA

VerdeGrass Works…let it work for you!


Once again folks:  Gluten Free!

– WI made Juice

– WI seed grown upon

– WI created organic soil

– Packaged in US origin products

 Cups & Foils, Case Mailers & Shipping Cartons

From our home to yours, all American!


 What people say about VerdeGrass is true….

I’d tried wheat grass juice in the past and didn’t care much for the taste, but after talking with Capt. Tim, I decided to try VerdeGrass. During my playing time, my wife and I drank it daily for we loved the rich, natural sweetness and organic nutrition it supplies.” Robert Brooks#87 Retired wide receiver, Green Bay Packers.

No. 87, Former Green Bay Packer Star Wide Receiver Robert Brooks, used VerdeGrass during his playing days and ’97 Super Bowl XXXI WIN – will you?  Photo Copyright: Green Bay Packers

Commentary: A local newspaper described Robert Brooks as a player with “exploding knees, cracked ribs, concussions. Imagine where he’d be if he wasn’t a health nut.” Robert Brooks is an intelligent, educated athlete, who decided to live in a healthy manner and let others know it!   He has honored me, Capt. Tim

Absolutely the Best out there!optimized-20161102_111634

“I have been ordering this lovely wheat grass juice (not wheatgrass) from Captain Tim since early 2013. My son was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma. I am overjoyed to say, today he is cancer free. Thanks, be to God! We did our part and HE did the rest. One of the things we did was a living foods plant based diet which included twice daily shots of  VerdeGrass brand, wheat grass juice (not wheatgrass) from Hawkhaven. I tried several brands and it is for sure the purest, organic, freshest wheat grass juice (not wheatgrass) out there. You “see” and “taste” the quality….there are no comparisons. My son still takes daily shots of this VerdeGrass (not wheatgrass) and since my stroke last year, I have started having a shot of VerdeGrass (not wheatgrass) every morning. I highly recommend this product. Capt. Tim is a very kind, caring man and passionate about his wheat grass juice. It means a lot to me that the VerdeGrass (not wheatgrass) is organically grown…it’s absolutely the Best out there!”  11/19/2016  Gipsie, Raleigh, NC


Thank you most kindly for your advice–and your honesty!
And for shipping this soon, lightning fast to us.
I know full well how to handle the thawed tiny containers the second they come. I know what to expect. And I am happy to be able to once again drown myself in the healthiest drink in the cosmos. Wheat Grass Juice made correctly with NO mistakes, is the single sweetest drink there ever was. It’s deliciously addictive.
Thank you for making it available to us. We wish you the very best.  11/27/16 Barbara, coastal NJ

The Best……I’ve tried and outstanding customer service, I will be a loyal customer.  03/27/2017  Renee, Katy TX

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*Wheatgrass Juice, does not exist.  Wheatgrass is a roadside grass in OR.

It is not juiced nor would you want it to be!

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