Organic Squash Seed




Spring into Spring

Organic Squash Seed

Calabacita (Tatume):  This super sweet, creamy Mexican Zucchini is roundish vs the long green variety.  They are excellent RAW when small.  The late ones become big like footballs and are best made into soup.  (Recipe in the Verde-Blog)

Multi-colored Acorn:  These squash are just like their green cousins but a beautiful multi-colored yellow to orange outside and in.


Butternut:  A family favorite for many folks.


Autumn Cup:  Perhaps my personal favorite.  This squash has a deep rich orange colored flesh and is super sweet.  So sweet the deer, squirrels and rabbits munch on them.


All of these squash are runners vs the hill type…..why Calabaicta becomes football like in the fall, when they get lost under leaves and vine.


12 seeds per pack with $0.50 Mailing/pack


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