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Celebrating 30+ years producing the finest Organic Fresh - Frozen Wheat Grass Juice on Home World!


Seniors (60+) - Active Duty US Based Military - First Responders

(FD, PD, EMT & Merchant Marine Captains, like me!) 

Pregnant or Desiring to be, Women Discount

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fresh frozen wheat grass juice

 Try our Grower's Pack Sampler, 7 - 2 fl. oz. (approx.) Daily Servings

"wheatgrass shots"

Shipped anywhere within the contiguous US within 2 days!

Your Cost:  $53.00 includes Refundable Carton Deposit!


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One Sampler per household and we can not ship to PO Boxes or APO's.

We also do not ship Intergalactic to Kepler 701.04

but do Internationally all across Sol-3.

Fresh - Frozen Wheat Grass Juice Direct

Gourmet Wheat Grass Juice

Organic Fresh - Frozen Integrity


Special Comments:

"Just got my VerdeGrass.  Excited I tore off the foil and licked the frozen juice.....WOW! 

The best wheat grass juice I have ever tasted....Capt. Tim, you ROCK!"

02/06/2015 Luke - FD/EMT, Milwaukee, WI


              "Can't wait for my juice :).  Since I started taking VerdeGrass I've only been sick once and that didn't last long - totally credit the juice.  That and my baby thank you!!"

06/30/2014 KVL, Chevy Chase, MD

wheatgrass shot wisconsin

"Your juice is fabulous!"

05/11/2014 Sarah, Boston, MA

organic wheatgrass juice

 "I love the wheatgrass....your VerdeGrass is so awesome and has helped heal so many."

02/15/2014 Judy, Carmel, IN


"When we ordered the wheat grass juice, my wife was really ill and needed it very badly.  We have used wheat grass
for over 30 years and have grown it ourselves, always producing the best we could find...that is until yours arrived!
Just opening the top of one of your little juice cups the wonderful smell of freshly juiced wheatgrass just runs up into
your nostrils and gives you a bit of a wheat grass high.  Your juice is every bit as good, or better, than what we have grown
ourselves and harvested same day fresh.  Congratulations for having such a wonderful touch with your process.  You have
managed to keep intact every good thing there is to be found in the fresh juice.  Go ahead and use my testimony here
if you like in any way that will promote your good efforts.  Thanks again and wishing you many blessings."

 11/23/2013 Michael & Martha, Crestone, CO


  "VerdeGrass is making such a difference in his WBC, which during chemo, is essential.  Thanks for such a great product.

10/27/2013 Kim, Chicago, IL

frozen wheatgrass juice

 "I got it! You are right! It is nice & sweet. I am now a loyal customer!"

05/10/2013 Debi, Moundsville, WV


"Concerning VerdeGrass...Thank you.  Feeling great and appreciate your hard work!  We're fine and my daughter is eliminating migraines by using your wheatgrass too."

03/01/2013 Yvonne, Evanston, IL


 "Hey it works...Last time I ordered in bulk.  I am now pregnant  does that entitle me to a discount?"

Yes, it does!...Capt. Tim

01/28/2013 Karina, Chevy Chase, MD

  frozen wheat grass juice

"Yes, he is a VerdeGrass baby.  Pre-pregnancy and most of my pregnancy.   Sometimes I mix it in my daughters smoothie when I make it for her.  I should put a drop or two in my 7 months food too, I did not think about that 'til now."

02/27/2012  Nicole, Fenton, MO  (Long Time Customer)



Watch out for Hydroponic grown Wheat Grass Juice!

Living organic soil is the only answer, worms, bacteria, fungi and manures.

So buy quality US produced Wheat Grass Juice - Not foreign imports!

frozen wheat grass juice


With the cost at $2.79/oz. now at juice bars and food co-ops...


 Our all inclusive cost of $1.94/oz. or less (in bulk), direct to your door?


It's a no brainer....

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Statement of Quality Assurance
VerdeGrass, our organic, fresh-frozen gourmet wheat grass juice is grown on our own composted topsoil,
under the strictest conditions in a controlled environment.
1) Our grass is not moldy!  
2) Our grass is inspected daily, as well as at the time of cutting, and again when juiced directly by hand!   
3) Our grass is crafted in small batches to assure fresh juice to your door the year around!
4) Our frozen juice is never stored for months on end as when others grow only in the summer.
5) Our grass is not exposed to acid rain, bird or rodent feces, insect contamination, stray agricultural spraying, or any other environmental pollutants as field grown wheat grass is!
6) It is simply impossible for the thousands of acres of land on which outside grass is grown to have the same nutritional soil value as our continually amended organic compost of 25+ years. 

As Master Organic Grower at Hawkhaven Greenhouse, I personally oversee our composting methods, growing conditions of pure glacial aquafir water &
pristine air, and processing regimens.  Our juice is packaged in sterile oxygen barrier cups, with hermetic heat sealed foil lids.
This packaging:  
1) Assures freshness!
2) Extends shelf life!
3) Protects antioxidents and enzymes!
4) Keeps your juice tasting  'Fresh from the Juicer!'  
We hope that discriminating consumers will ignore false statements made by others who do not understand organic soil science or the care and concern that we at Hawkhaven Greenhouse give to our product to provide you with simply the finest wheat grass juice there is - VerdeGrass! 

We have been the leader in this realm since 1984, making us the oldest worldwide producer of frozen Wheat Grass Juice. We have kept wonderful, intelligent, informed, and loyal customers since our humble beginnings.  We can only hope that you are not led astray by a created mythology that only deters folks from seeking answers to their health concerns!
Captain Tim Paegelow, Owner - Master Organic Grower

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Direct

Gourmet Wheat Grass Juice

Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and Chlorophyll Nutritional Quality & Natural Sweetness
Grown the year around - Not stored for months on end. Doctor Recommended
Oxygen Impermeable Packaging -BPA Free Packaging Organic Fresh-Frozen Integrity
Always 'Fresh' to your Door! Convenient Daily Servings

" Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int'l. is committed to providing this vegetarian,  approach to long term wellness, that when used on a daily basis can help those in search of optimum health through wholistic body fortification."

Your local Organic Grower!

Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int'l.
is a negative impact "Live Earth" sustainable company.
Stop Global Warming!
Recycle & Compost
Support earth conscious enterprises!
Think green... ...drink green!



Production Facility & Office

Hawkhaven Greenhouse Int'l. - LLC
W9554 Blackhawk Ct., Wautoma, WI  54982


 For Information & Questions

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(920) 540.3536


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